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C6709 - 33 in 1 Deluxe Electronic Exploration Lab

C6709 - 33 in 1 Deluxe Electronic Exploration Lab

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Detailed Description

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This exciting breadboard kit requires no soldering or previous electronic experience. The kit enables any student to build 33 different electronic experiments and activities. The kit is meant to be used over and over again to save money. Not only is this kit complete with everything the student needs, but also the instruction booklet is designed so that the teacher does not need to be involved (unless he or she desires to be).

The student builds and studies the first 11 instructional circuits which include theory and data facts along with a simple pencil activity quiz. The remaining 22 experiments for the student are fun to build electronic circuits that have a parts list, schematic and parts placement drawing. These give the student an ample introduction to electronic components and circuitry.

Breadboard type kits have been around for years, however, ours is the first to incorporate an introduction to Ohm's law, electromagnet circuitry, motor circuitry, transistor circuitry, IC circuitry and 7 segment display circuitry all in one kit. There is now no need to have several different breadboard kits to learn basic electronic concepts. One kit covers almost all aspects of basic electronic concepts and components. Not only does our 33 in 1 Deluxe Electronic Exploration Kit introduce various electronic educational concepts but it is also a fun and interesting motivational activity for your student. Complete with all electronic parts, breadboard and instruction booklet. Requires one 9V battery (not included).

If the student has already built the 33 in 1 Deluxe Electronic Exploration Kit, you may wish to purchase our 35 in 1 Deluxe Digital Lab Exploration Kit so that the student can gain digital electronics fundamentals.

Construction Activity 16 - Continuity Tester
Construction Activity 17 - Multivibrator LED Blinker
Construction Activity 33 - Adjustable Blinking Light and Sound

Instructional Exercises
1 Experiment 1 Resistor Color Code
2 Experiment 2 Ohm's Law and The Basic Electronic Circuit
3 Experiment 3 Parallel Circuit with Lamp
4 Experiment 4 Diode Action
5 Experiment 5 Light Emitting Diodes
6 Experiment 6 Electromagnetism
7 Experiment 7 Capacitance
8 Experiment 8 Transistor Switch
9 Experiment 9 Variable Resistor LED Dimmer
10 Experiment 10 DC Motor Experiment
11 Experiment 11 Transistor Oscillator
Electronic Construction Activities
12 Construction Activity 12 7 Segment Display Circuit
13 Construction Activity 13 SCR Latching Switch
14 Construction Activity 14 Conductor Identifier
15 Construction Activity 15 2 Transistor Audio Oscillator
16 Construction Activity 16 Continuity Tester
17 Construction Activity 17 Multivibrator LED Blinker
18 Construction Activity 18 Insanity Alarm
19 Construction Activity 19 Light Controlled Bird
20 Construction Activity 20 Code Practice Oscillator
21 Construction Activity 21 Magic LED Light
22 Construction Activity 22 Water Alarm
23 Construction Activity 23 Ticking Clock Sound
24 Construction Activity 24 Phasor Ray Sound Generator
25 Construction Activity 25 Emergency Siren
26 Construction Activity 26 Adjustable Blinking Light and Sound
27 Construction Activity 27 Timer with LED
28 Construction Activity 28 Electronic Motor Speed Control
29 Construction Activity 29 IC LED Flasher
30 Construction Activity 30 IC Adjustable Frequency Sound Generator
31 Construction Activity 31 IC Light Activated Wake Up Alarm
32 Construction Activity 32 IC 2 Color LED Flasher
33 Construction Activity 33 IC Burglar Alarm

C6709 Full Kit, C6709, "C6709", C6709 - 33 in 1 Deluxe Exploration Lab

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to - Why is this here?

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