NEW! (Pkg 5) Compact 2.2uf 50V Monolithic Capacitor
Product Image Compact monolithic ceramic capacitor (225) is rated for 50V. Size only 0.35" wide x 0.33" tall x 0.11" thick. Has full length radial leads. Sold in a package of 5.
G26485 Unit Price : $2.49 for Package of 5
NEW! (Pkg 5) Cherry 110E7300 E5852AD "Snap In" Pushbutton Interlock Switch
Product Image Cherry 110E7300 E5852AD "Snap In" pushbutton interlock switch has SPST contacts that are "Open" when the plunger is "Out". When it’s pushed in the contacts close (as long as the plunger is pushed in). The size of the switch is 0.92" x 0.53" x 1" deep. Mounts by "Snap In" to a rectangular hole slightly larger than the body. Size of the activator button is 0.34" dia. x 0.78" long. Contacts are rated 0.1Amp 125VAC. Brand New - Sold in a package of 5. Retails for $25 for 5. Our price of $3 for 5!
G24869 Unit Price : $3.00 for Package of 5
NEW! EFC Wesco 6.3UF 300V Metallized Polyester Film Capacitor
Product Image EFC Wesco metalized polyester film capacitor is rated 6.3UF 300V 10%. This axial 1313TC-X series EFC Wesco Capacitor is 1.7" long x 0.78" diameter and has full length leads.
G25981 Unit Price : $2.75
NEW! (Pkg 10) Fair-Rite 2744051447 Common Mode SMD Ferrite Bead
Product Image Fair-Rite 2744051447 44 common mode SM bead for broadband frequencies 10-300MHz (44 material). Rated for 5 Amps. Great for suppression use. See specs on the internet. Sold in a package of 10. Retails for $5.60
G26001 Unit Price : $1.99 for Package of 10
NEW! (Pkg 4) O-Ring 1.1" O.D.
Product Image Small 1.1" O.D. O-Ring has an inside diameter of 0.94". Ring material is 0.10" dia. New - Very Strong. Sold in a package of 4.
G26492 Unit Price : $2.49 for Package of 4
Monday Surprise! 16 x 32 Brilliant (512 LEDs) Full Color LED Matrix Panel
Product Image Full color 16 x 32 Matrix Panel features 512 brilliant RGB LEDs with 6mm pitch. These can be used to make huge video walls. In fact, these were used by a museum for this purpose in a 18 panel unit to display video portraits of visitors. They are like new and are 7.6" x 3.8" x 0.5". Each operates from 5VDC @ up to 2.5Amps with all LEDs on. They have 2 IDC connectors (one for input and one for output) so you can chain them together, and (12) 16 bit latches to drive the display with a 1:8 scan rate. These require 5V data logic level input and there is a great amount of information on the internet about using these. All are 100% tested before shipping, however, we can not provide technical support. Please search on internet for all information! Please limit purchase to 12.
G26194 Originally : $21.95
Sale Special: $9.00 (Save 59%)
Monday Surprise! Wireless LED Desk Lamp with 3 Different White Color Outputs Dimmable and Rechargeable
Product Image Handy LED Desk Lamp has a powerful 1250mAh rechargeable built in battery, 3 different white color temperature output, dimmable, USB charging port and pen holder. This lamp is perfect for dorm room, office, desk and library. Recharges from USB port or your phone charger. Features 3 color modes: Daylight White, Warm White, and Cool White. Base can be used as a pen holder, storage cup for paper clips, keys, etc. You can even use the holder for your cell phone in landscape mode at an angle for video viewing. Handy gooseneck lamp holder can adjust desk light to any angle you choose. These are brand new in factory box with USB cable and rechargeable 24 LED Lamp. These retail from $17 to $24. Makes a great gift for any student. Please limit purchase to 3.
G26260 Originally : $14.95
Sale Special: $7.95 (Save 47%)
Monday Surprise! Giant 4.5" x 2.5" Black Anodized Heatsink
Product Image Giant black anodized heatsink is 4.5" long x 2.5" x 1.39" tall. Has 13 fins and has 2 non-threaded 0.2" dia. holes that go completely through base of heatsink. Brand new, totally blank except for the 2 holes. Great for Peltiers, Amplifiers, LED Arrays, etc. Please limit purchase to 4.
G25482 Originally : $7.95
Sale Special: $3.95 (Save 50%)
Monday Surprise! (Pkg 200) Super Bright Right Angle 3mm Orange LED BL-B8441T
Product Image Super bright orange LED light up when 2.8V @ 20mA is applied. Part# BL-B8441T by Bright LED Electronics has a see-thru orange lens and is 3mm diameter. LED is designed for right angle mount but spacer can easily be removed and leads straightened if desired. Sold in a factory bag of 200 pieces. Please limit purchase to 10.
G24483 Originally : $5.00
Sale Special: $0.99 (Save 80%)
Monday Surprise! Our Most Powerful USB Solar Panel 5.5V, 1.2Amp, 6Watts
Product Image Sturdy silicon solar panel is rated 5.5VDC @ 1.2Amps, has a glass surface and standard USB female connector. Output is 6Watts and is designed to rapidly charge all cell phones - even the latest types. Great for iPads&reg, cameras and many other electronic items that use USB cables.Simply plug your charging cable into the panel, connect other end into cell phone then face the panel towards the Sun. Great for camping trips, remote areas, road trips, living off grid, prepper gear etc. Waterproof up to 1 meter and impact/drop resistant up to 2 meters. Size about 7" x 12" x 1/2". Weighs 1.55lbs. Brand new - High quality - Made in U.S.A. Related ItemsUSB Cables Please limit purchase to 3.
G23962 Originally : $17.95
Sale Special: $5.95 (Save 67%)
Monday Surprise! Large Super Powerful Rare Earth Cylinder Magnet
Product Image Rare Earth cylinder magnet is extremely powerful. The size is 0.705" tall x 0.61" dia. Has oval hole in middle of cylinder which is about 0.39" x 0.26" (which goes through the entire length) to allow you to mount the cylinder to another surface using a bolt (not included). Brand new. If you order more than one be careful not to hurt your finders when the magnets get near each other. Related ItemsLenz?s Law - Physics Please limit purchase to 7.
G26280 Originally : $2.99
Sale Special: $1.49 (Save 50%)
NEW! (Pkg 100+) Super Box of Tiny Quartz Crystals
Product Image A reclosable box of tiny Quartz crystals holds over 100 pieces. Each is brand new. Most have markings on them - some with frequency and some with factory part numbers or type. All are 100% prime. The first box we looked at contained more than 12 different values in the 100-piece mix. Over $50 Value!
G26809 Unit Price : $5.00 for Package of 100+
NEW! Clarostat 1K Ohm Panel Mount Audio Taper Potentiometer
Product Image Clarostat 1K Ω audio taper panel mounting potentiometer is the sealed case type with 2 watt rating and metal 0.33" long  x 1/4" dia. "D" shaft for knob if desired. Mounts in 0.40" hole with supplied nut. Retails for $18 - New!
G26583 Unit Price : $5.00
NEW! KEP KE610 FB 4.5/6VDC 6 Digit Counter
Product Image Kessler Ellis KE610FB is a 6 digit impulse counter increments the white digits by 5 with each pulse, then when 20 pulses are received the 4 white digits to the left of the black digits increment by 1. This is non-resettable and mounts by way of metal base plate shown. Size excluding mounting base is about 2.2" long x 1.35" x 1". Has flexible insulated leads for connection. Operates on 4.5VDC up to 6VDC - no polarity necessary. Brand New - Retails for about $30.
G26488 Unit Price : $5.00
NEW! (Pkg 5) High Quality Ohmite 3.3 Megohm 1/4Watt
Product Image High quality 3.3 Megohm 1/4 Watt 5% carbon composition resistor. Sold in a package of 5 on tape and reel.
G26486 Unit Price : $1.99 for Package of 5
NEW! G26830 - (Factory Bag 500) Avago 12VDC 3mm Bright Yellow LED (HLMP-1621)
Product Image Avago factory bag of 500 HLMP-1621 - 12VDC 20mA bright yellow 3mm LED. Features see thru amber lens with 585nm output. No external resistor required. Has long leads as shown. Sold in a sealed bag of 500. Retails for $150 per bag. Great Savings!
G26830 Unit Price : $19.95 for a Factory Bag of 500!
NEW! (Pkg 2) Siemens B40C3700/2200 Silicon Bridge Rectifier 100V 3.7Amp
Product Image Compact bridge rectifier by Siemens Part# B40C3700/2200 is rated 100V @ 3.7Amp. Size 1.58" x 0.87" tall x 0.26" thick. Sold in a package of 2.
G26829 Unit Price : $1.75
NEW! Zeus Stinger Advanced Coil Reception Auto Antenna
Product Image Made to simple screw into any standard non-telescopting antenna socket on vehicles. This antenna is for high performance reception of AM or FM bands. Its machined from billet 6061 aerospace alloy aluminum and is 17" long. The inside of the antenna is hollow and contains a reception improving coil. The antenna comes with 3 stainless steel adapters for you cars antenna mounting socket. Brand new in retail blister package. Retails for $49.95.
G26831 Unit Price : $14.95
NEW! Sanyo LA1365 TV Sound IF Amplifier
Product Image Sanyo LA1365 functions as IF Amp, Limiter FM Detector, Electronic Volume Control and AF Driver. Supplied in 14 pin thru-hole Dip. Original Sanyo Part - New!
G26827 Unit Price : $1.99
NEW! (Pkg 5) Cornell Dubilier 2000pf 500V 5% Dipped Silver Mica Capacitor CD19FD202JO3
Product Image Cornell Dubilier dipped silvered mica capacitors are found in many close tolerance and timing applications. This part is their 2000pf 500V 5% tolerance Part# CD19FD202JO3. Size is 0.63" L x 0.45" H x 0.16" thick. Brand New! Sold in a package of 5. Retails for $30 for 5.
G26818 Unit Price : $2.49 for Package of 5
NEW! (Pkg 10) Murata 270pf 50V COG Miniature Mono Capacitor
Product Image Murata miniature mono capacitor is rated 270pf (271) @ 50V dielectric is COG. Size only 0.15" x 0.22" tall x 0.062" thick. Sold in a package of 10.
G26823 Unit Price : $1.79 for Package of 10
NEW! (Pkg 10) Sprague 470pf (471) @ 50V COG NPO Mono Capacitor 1C25COG471J050B
Product Image Sprague 470pf (471) @ 50V COG NPO dielectric 5% tolerance mono capacitor. Size is 0.2" x 0.18" tall x 0.08" thick. Sold in a package of 10.
G26813 Unit Price : $1.99 for Package of 10
NEW! (Pkg 10) AVX 560pf (561) @ 50V Mono Capacitor SR155A561JAA
Product Image AVX 560pf (561) @ 50V mono capacitor with 5% tolerance and NPO temperature coefficient. Size only 0.14" x 0.106" tall x 0.05" thick. Sold in a package of 10.
G26821 Unit Price : $1.99 for Package of 10
NEW! Plant Grow Spectrum 6 LED Brilliant 5VDC Peel and Stick Strip
Product Image Awesome Plant Spectrum Light Strip contains 6 powerful SMD 2835 LEDs emitting 610 to 720nm spectrum for plant blooming and fruiting. Size is 4" x 0.32". Operates on 5VDC @ 100mA. The beam angle is 120 degrees. This strip can be powered by a cell phone charger, all you need to do is modify your charging cord and solder to it. Has peel & stick backing and color-coded leads as shown. New!
G26828 Unit Price : $3.98
G26828B Unit Price : $14.95 for a Package of 5

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