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C6721 - 35 in 1 Digital LAB Exploration Kit

C6721 - 35 in 1 Digital LAB Exploration Kit

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This lab does not require soldering, is reusable, and contains 5 lessons and 30 meaningful and exciting digital experiments. The booklet is fully illustrated with easy-to-follow pictorial diagrams and schematics. It is designed so that the teacher does not need to be involved (unless he or she desires to be). It is applicable for use in junior high grades up through college. All experiments operate on one 9V battery (not included) so there are no dangerous voltages involved. Compared to other similar digital labs, you will find that this lab is far superior in that it contains a wider variety of digital components, including a double binary counter and two 7-segment displays, allowing the students to build "0 to 99" digital counters instead of only "0 to 9". This lab also includes LEDs of three different colors (red, green, and yellow), and uses a uniform prewired breadboard system which is applied in each experiment, along with reverse polarity protection and a switch wire to prevent damage to the ICs or battery snap. This lab also covers more digital topics such as Boolean algebra, timing diagrams, frequency and duty cycle formulas, troubleshooting techniques. The lab includes a 96 page, fully illustrated manual, a large solderless breadboard, 6 integrated circuits, a CDS photocell, plus all other parts necessary to perform each experiment. Just supply a fresh 9V battery and nothing else is required to perform all the experiments in the book. The Complete 35 in 1 Deluxe Digital Lab Exploration Kit is self-contained and ready-to-use! Optional Logic Probe: Although the 35 in 1 Deluxe Digital Lab includes a simple logic probe section built on the breadboard, you may wish to purchase the very inexpensive Chaney C6722 CMOS/TTL Logic Probe Kit. Although this is totally optional you will find that this logic probe is very useful to test and troubleshoot all kinds of digital circuits.
Tips On Building The Experiments
The Universal Solderless Breadboard
1 Lesson 1 Introduction To Digital Electronics
2 Lesson 2 Components, Gates and IC's
3 Lesson 3 Combinational & Sequential Circuits, Boolean Algebra And Timing Diagrams
4 Lesson 4 The Binary Numbering System
5 Lesson 5 Troubleshooting Techniques
6 Experiment 1 The Logic Probe: "The Tool"
7 Experiment 2 The YES Logic Circuit: "The Buffer"
8 Experiment 3 The NOT Logic Circuit: "The Inverter"
9 Experiment 4 The AND Logic Gate
10 Experiment 5 The OR Logic Gate
11 Experiment 6 The NAND Logic Gate
12 Experiment 7 The NOR Logic Gate
13 Experiment 8 Building The Six Basic Logic Gates Using Only NOR Gates
14 Experiment 9 "The Clock" - A Stable Multivibrator
15 Experiment 10 The 555 Timer IC
16 Experiment 11 "The Timer" - Monostable Multivibrator
17 Experiment 12 "The Flip-Flop" - Bistable Multivibrator
18 Experiment 13 Reaction Challenge Game
19 Experiment 14 The Binary Counter/Divider
20 Experiment 15 Manual Binary Counter & Switch Debouncing
21 Experiment 16 The BCD Counter (Decade Counter)
22 Experiment 17 Touch Activated ON/OFF Switch
23 Experiment 18 Seven Segment Display Decoder
24 Experiment 19 "0 to 9" Counter With Display
25 Experiment 20 Lucky Number Generator
26 Experiment 21 Electronic Die Game
27 Experiment 22 0 To 9 Photoelectric Counter
28 Experiment 23 Sequential LED Flasher
29 Experiment 24 Triple Answer Decision Maker
30 Experiment 25 "10 by 10" Reaction Game
31 Experiment 26 Brightness Control Touch Switch
32 Experiment 27 Macho Meter
33 Experiment 28 "Go for the Gold" Game
34 Experiment 29 0 To 99 Counter With Display
35 Experiment 30 0 To 99 Photoelectric Counter

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to - Why is this here?

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