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G27337 ~ EATON Easy to Use XL60 3400 Farad 2.85V 3.8Wh Supercapacitor with Nuts

G27337 ~ EATON Easy to Use XL60 3400 Farad 2.85V 3.8Wh Supercapacitor with Nuts

item number: G27337
unit price:$42.00 

(Limit 6 Per Order)

Detailed Description

This is the most powerful Supercapacitor we have ever sold. Even though it has the same part number (XL60) as our G27250, it is rated 400 Farad and 0.15V more than our previous one.

Eaton XL60 Supercapacitor is a 3400 Farad, 2.85VDC, 3.8Watt hour rated behemoth capacitor. These are easy to use because they each come with special black oxide steel metric nuts to attach your wires to! These powerful capacitors are used in light rail trains, electric cars, solar energy storage, satellites, etc. They can store tremendous amounts of energy. Size approximately 5.7" long x 2.4" diameter and weighs about 1.15lbs. Each are used-excellent condition. May have slight cosmetic marks/scratches and random lettering. This is an incredible offer. Limited Quantity.

YouTube Icon YouTube Video - Attaching Two EATON Supercapacitors In Series

Voltage and Capacitance In Series
Quantity Supercapacitor Voltage VDC Farads
1 Eaton-Icon 2.85VDC 3400 Farads
2 Eaton-IconEaton-Icon 5.7VDC 1700 Farads
3 Eaton-IconEaton-IconEaton-Icon 8.55VDC 1133 Farads
4 Eaton-IconEaton-IconEaton-IconEaton-Icon 11.4VDC 850 Farads
5 Eaton-IconEaton-IconEaton-IconEaton-IconEaton-Icon 14.25VDC 680 Farads
6 Eaton-IconEaton-IconEaton-IconEaton-IconEaton-IconEaton-Icon 17.1VDC 566 Farads

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WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to - Why is this here?

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