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G21183 - Flojet 21000197A, 1/4", JG Port Fitting

G21183 - Flojet 21000197A, 1/4", JG Port Fitting

item number: G21183
unit price:$3.50 

Detailed Description

Designed for use with many Flojet pumps, this 1/4" JG port fitting is simple to use. Just raise port clip on pump, insert fitting and push down on clip to secure port fitting. The fitting accepts standard JG (John Guest) 1/4" tubing and is simple to use: Just push tubing into port fitting and the tubing is "locked in" until you press the ring on fitting while pulling tube out. Brand new-most pumps that use these require 2 of these. We are selling this item individually.

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WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to - Why is this here?

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