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C8105 - Bulk Pkg of 25 - Expression FLasher Kits

C8105 - Bulk Pkg of 25 - Expression FLasher Kits

item number: C8105
unit price:$145.00 

Detailed Description

Here's a great economical way to introduce your students to the fascinating field of electronics. This bulk package contains all the parts and PC boards to build 25 kits. In addition, a set of 25 individual instructions and recloseable zip bags for you to distribute the parts to your students is included. (Batteries not included).

This Package contains 5 sets of 5 different Expression Flasher Kits.
(5) No Bozo Expression Flasher Kits
(5) No Entry Expression Flasher Kits
(5) Radiation Alert Expression Flasher Kits
(5) Biohazard Expression Flasher Kits
(5) Sleep Deprived Expression Flasher KitsDesigned with the student in mind, this new series of Chaney Kits features a custom designed full color label and a bright flashing red LED. Perfect for bedrooms, dorm rooms, teachers' desks, offices, or any other place that you would like to express yourself. These fun and easy-to-build kits make a perfect introduction to basic electronic circuit theory and transistor function. Using 2 transistor circuitry powered by one 9V battery (not included), each kit provides hours of blinking amusement. Size of PC Board: 3-1/4" x 4-3/4". Skill Level 1. Stock# C8105

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to - Why is this here?

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