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C7041 - 54 in 1 Solar House Green Energy Lab

C7041 - 54 in 1 Solar House Green Energy Lab

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Lower your classrooms carbon footprint and save with our bulk package pricing. Click Here for Bulk Kit PricingHave you seen a house with a solar panel on the roof and wondered how it produces electricity? In response to increasingly high electricity costs and the overall well being of our environment, advanced technologies in solar energy has made it possible for home owners and businesses to install Photovoltaic Solar Panels to convert sunlight to usable electricity and heat. With this in mind, we have designed this course for the inquisitive student that wants to gain an understanding of how different technologies using green or alternate energy can be used in the home. In this course, we will create our own model house made of Plexiglas and install an amorphous silicon glass solar panel to simulate how we can harness the sun's energy into one's house. The solar panel that we will be using will provide the energy used for all of our experiments. We will perform most experiments with solar energy stored in a battery that has been charged from our solar panel along with a re-useable solderless breadboard. The fully illustrated and detailed manual included in this course will introduce the student to some basic technology and fundamental concepts used in common house hold devices such as lighting, thermostats, fire alarms, and burglar alarms. In order to study these technologies, we are going to study solar panels, motors, fans, resistors, diodes, LEDs, switches, lamps and batteries. The easy-to-follow pictorial diagrams will guide the student through 26 chapters containing a variety of activities and useful experiments along with fun and interesting facts relating to solar energy.This course offers a hand on approach that is applicable for use in grades junior high up through college. All parts to create the model house, along with the necessary components, wires, breadboard, solar panel, and detailed instruction manual are included. No soldering or additional batteries required. Re-usable and safe to use. Skill Level 1Lab Contents:
Chapter 1 Energy Sources
Chapter 2 Constructing the Solar House
Chapter 3 Solar Systems
Chapter 4 Solar Cells
Chapter 5 Solar Panels
Chapter 6 Inverters
Chapter 7 Grid-Tied vs Off-Grid
Chapter 8 Batteries
Chapter 9 Metering
Chapter 10 Disconnect
Chapter 11 Charging Batteries with Solar Power
Chapter 12 Resistors
Chapter 13 Switches
Chapter 14 Ceiling Fans
Chapter 15 Diodes
Chapter 16 LEDs
Chapter 17 Lighting
Chapter 18 Series Circuit vs Parallel Circuits
Chapter 19 Outdoor Lighting
Chapter 20 Transistors
Chapter 21 Conductors
Chapter 22 Water Flood Alarm
Chapter 23 Doorbell
Chapter 24 Thermostats
Chapter 25 Burglar Alarm
Chapter 26 Fire Alarm
Experiment 1 Battery Charging with solar Power
Experiment 2 Switches
Experiment 3 Fans
Experiment 4 Diodes
Experiment 5 LEDs
Experiment 6 LED Lighting Color Temperature
Experiment 7 Incandescent Lamps vs LEDs
Experiment 8 Parallel Circuits
Experiment 9 Series Circuits
Experiment 10 Automatic Outdoor Lighting
Experiment 11 Transistors
Experiment 12 Conductors
Experiment 13 Water Flood Alarm
Experiment 14 Doorbell
Experiment 15 Thermostat
Experiment 16 Burglar Alarm
Experiment 17 Fire Alarm
Experiment 18 Electronic Candle
Activity 1 Energy Activity
Activity 2 Solar Systems Activity
Activity 3 Solar Cells Activity
Activity 4 Solar Panels Activity
Activity 5 Batteries Activity
Activity 6 Resistors Activity
Activity 7 Ceiling Fans Activity
Activity 8 Diodes Activity
Activity 9 LEDs Activity
Activity 10 Conductors Activity

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to - Why is this here?

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