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C6853 - 10 in 1 Solar Energy Exploration Lab Kit

C6853 - 10 in 1 Solar Energy Exploration Lab Kit

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Detailed Description

This re-usable Exploration Lab requires no soldering or previous electronic experience. The lab enables any student to experiment with free electricity generated from the sun. The lab is meant to be used over and over again to save money.The lab is complete with instruction manual and is designed so that the teacher does not need to be involved (unless he or she desires to be). Utilizes a quality universal plug-in breadboard with high quality powerful solar panel, resistors, diode, motor with prop, electronic buzzer, flashing LED, super capacitor and wires. There's nothing extra that you'll need to use this lab and unlike other solar labs on the market, you will get more value from our product as it has many experiments that are unique to our 10 in 1 Solar Exploration Lab. Of course, you'll get a propellor (prop) experiment plus 9 more fun and educational experiments to challenge you students. In addition you will receive detailed descriptions of the concepts that each experiment covers. In all you will find that the added detail and additional experiments that The 10 in 1 offers make it a superior product more suitable for use in educating your students. Our Solar Energy Exploration Lab is a tremendous educational value and an excellent addition to your classroom curriculum.This Lab comes with a special glass Solar Panel that produces a useful amount of voltage and current so that it can be used to perform your own experiments! This lab is totally reusable and comes complete with all parts, detailed instruction manual, breadboard, and solar panel. Listed below are the main experiments/activities that the student will perform.

1 Experiment 1 Introduction to Solar Cells
2 Experiment 2 Solar Panels
3 Experiment 3 Diode Action
4 Experiment 4 Solar Powered DC Motor
5 Experiment 5 Resistors and Color Code
6 Experiment 6 Solar Powered Alarm
7 Experiment 7 Solar Power Storage
8 Experiment 8 Solar Powered Flashing Light
9 Experiment 9 Solar Pulsating Alarm
10 Experiment 10 Another Environmentally Safe Method of Generating Power

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to - Why is this here?

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