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C6762 - 34 in 1 Deluxe Robotics Lab

C6762 - 34 in 1 Deluxe Robotics Lab

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34 In 1 Deluxe Exploration ROBOTICS LAB. This lab introduces you to the fundamentals of robotics technology while building different robots. You start by building a simple robot, and then disassembling it to progress to building more complex designs which are remote controlled with IR (infrared) vision and object avoidance. This lab is totally REUSABLE and will stimulate your mind in robotic technology. Try it! You will love it! Lab Includes: High quality breadboard, 3 Wheels, 2 Motors, 2 Belts, and Various Mechanical Parts, Attractive Smoked Plexiglass Base, All necessary Electronic Parts, Fully Illustrated Instruction Manual. Learn About: Robot Motor Traction & Power System, Robotic Motion, Time Controlled Motion, Remote Controlled Motion, Robotic Vision (CDS & Infrared), Sound Detection & Control... and Many More Topics. This kit requires soldering of components to the PC board while building.

1 Lesson 1 Introduction To Robotics
2 Activity 1 Inventory & Parts Identification
3 Lesson 2 The Chaney Robotics Lab
4 Experiment 1 Assembling and Testing the Robot Motor System
5 Experiment 2 Assembling the Robot Base and Power System
6 Experiment 3 Assembling and Testing the Relay Control Board
7 Experiment 4 Robot Forward Motion
8 Experiment 5 Robot Backward Motion
9 Experiment 6 Robot Forward Right Turn
10 Experiment 7 Robot Backward Right Turn
11 Experiment 8 Robot Hard Right Turn
12 Experiment 9 Robot Forward Left Turn
13 Experiment 10 Robot Backward Left Turn
14 Experiment 11 Robot Hard Left Turn
15 Experiment 12 Time Controlled Motion I
16 Experiment 13 Time Controlled Motion II
17 Experiment 14 Time Controlled Hard Right Turn
18 Experiment 15 Time Controlled Hard Left Turn
19 Experiment 16 Explorer I Robot
20 Experiment 17 Explorer II Robot
21 Experiment 18 The Unstoppable Robot
22 Experiment 19 The Independent Minded Robot
23 Experiment 20 The Night Runner Robot
24 Experiment 21 The Day Runner Robot
25 Experiment 22 Infrared (IR) Vision
26 Experiment 23 The IR-Eye Robot
27 Experiment 24 Obedient I -IR Remote Controlled Robot
28 Experiment 25 Obedient II- IR Remote Controlled Robot
29 Experiment 26 Robot Pet
30 Experiment 27 IR Obstacle Avoiding Robot I
31 Experiment 28 IR Obstacle Avoiding Robot II
32 Experiment 29 Sound Detection (Robot Ears)
33 Experiment 30 Big Ears Robot
34 Experiment 31 The Music-Dancer Robot

Manufactured by Chaney Electronics

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to - Why is this here?

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