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C6725 - Introduction to SMT Technology Course

C6725 - Introduction to SMT Technology Course

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This Chaney Training Course will introduce your students to the latest assembly technology known as "Surface Mount Technology". Surface mount technology uses tiny leadless components, known as surface mount devices (SMDs) which are quickly replacing standard electronic components. Currently most electronic equipment incorporates this exciting new technology. By completing this course, the student learns concepts about surface mount technology (SMT) such as: the different types of surface mount devices (SMDs), the various types of surface mount assemblies, the automated soldering methods and all of the stages of the manual and automated assembly processes of surface mount circuits. The student gains experience identifying, soldering and using surface mount devices by physically building an actual working surface mount technology project. This course is the perfect introduction to SMT and does not require any previous knowledge of this topic. It was designed so that the teacher does not need to be involved (unless he/she desires to be). The course is self-contained and reusable with the exception of the SMT project kit: "Deluxe SMD Learn to Solder Kit" (Stock #C6719) which may also be purchased separately. A small soldering iron with a fine point and some solder is all that is required to build the included kit. The Introduction to Surface Mount Technology Training Course with Experimentation and Project Building comes with a detailed instruction manual, identification parts (both SMD and Standard), one "Deluxe SMD Learn to Solder Kit" and a magnifier with tweezers. Skill Level 1. This kit requires soldering of components to the PC board while building.

Manufactured by Chaney Electronics

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to - Why is this here?

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