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C6491 - Deluxe Learn To Solder Kit

C6491 - Deluxe Learn To Solder Kit

item number: C6491
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Detailed Description

This special kit is similar to the regular "Learn To Solder Kit" (C6445), however, this kit has some very unique features. Not only does it have a special non-functioning "Learn To Solder" section, it also has two additional kits on one circuit board. You get a bright yellow and red "Jewel" LED Flasher Kit and also an Insanity type Alarm Kit. The deluxe learn to solder kit uses a specially designed circuit board that allows you to build all three kits. After construction and testing, you simply snap the main circuit board into the 3 separate individual kits.1. The Learn to Solder middle section is constructed first to give your student ample soldering experience. 2. Next, the student constructs the Insanity type Alarm Kit section. This unique kit is equivalent in operation to our most popular selling Insanity Alarm Kit (C6240). It emits a piercing tone when the lights go out, but stays perfectly silent when they turn on the lights to look for it. 3. Finally, the student completes the more complicated "Jewel" LED Flasher Kit section. This IC circuit kit alternately flashes 4 bright red LEDs with one bright yellow LED.This unique kit is more challenging to build and is the perfect "wrap up" to test the student's skill in making kits. Remember, you get all three kits listed with all parts and PC board. Requires two 9V batteries (not included), one for each functional kit. Overall size of circuit board before snapping it apart is 5.5" x 1.75". Order this unique kit now for a complete solution to your kit building needs! Skill Level 1.

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