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A10845 - MC74HC139AN Dual 1-of-4 Decoder/Demultiplexer (Motorola)

A10845 - MC74HC139AN Dual 1-of-4 Decoder/Demultiplexer (Motorola)

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Detailed Description

The MC74HC139AN is identical in pinout to the LS139. The device inputs are compatible with standard CMOS outputs; with pullup resistors, they are compatible with LSTTL outputs. This device consists of two independent 1-of-4 decoders, each of which decodes a two-bit Address to one-of-four active-low outputs. Active-low Selects are provided to facilitate the demultiplexing and cascading functions. The demultiplexing function is accomplished by using the Address inputs to select the desired device output, and utilizing the Select as a data input.

Output Drive Capability: 10 LSTTL Loads
Outputs Directly Interface to CMOS, NMOS and TTL
Operating Voltage Range: 2.0 to 6.0 V
Low Input Current: 1.0 mA
High Noise Immunity Characteristic of CMOS Devices

Datasheet Available:Motorola MC74HC139AN

16 pin DIP. Manufactured by Motorola.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to - Why is this here?

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