Spectacular Deal! Mystery Surprise Box
Product Image We stuffed 100's of various components in the 5" x 6" mysterious component surprise box. You will find lots of LEDs in addition to many other new and valuable component types. It's an incredible value and an exciting mystery box to explore. Please limit purchase to 1.
G22665 Originally : $4.95
Sale Special: $2.95 (Save 40%)
Spectacular Deal! Industrial Blinding White 12VDC Xenon Repeating Alarm Strobe
Product Image Designed for fire alarm installations in hotels, buildings etc, this Xenon strobe emits blinding flashes of brilliant white light at 60 flashes per minute when 12VDC @ 0.2Amp is connected to its power terminals. Has sophisticated electronic 2 IC circuit for reliable performance not like cheaper models! Can operate from 10VDC up to 15VDC. Has clear heavy duty case with 2 mounting holes on bottom. Size about 4" long x 1.75" wide x 2" tall. These are made to mount in various metal panels (not included). Retail price when mounted $80 - $150. Brand new. To operate just connect (+)12V to square pad in corner of the strobe board and (-) to the round pad. Please limit purchase to 20.
G26121 Originally : $12.95
Sale Special: $4.95 (Save 62%)
Spectacular Deal! (Pkg 3) Giant Clear Dome
Product Image PLEASE NOTE: This item may be shipped separately via USPS from other items in your cart. Giant Dome made for Skylights is a 12" heavy duty clear type, about 4" high in center and has a 3/8" lip around edge. Inside diameter is about 11.5" and overall outside diameter is about 12.25". The thickness of the plastic is about 0.17" and the weight is about 1.25 pounds. It is heavy duty and was made for continuous outdoor use. These are brand new but have some scratches/ smudge areas from the molding process. Looks like these are perfect for large robots; outdoor solar uses; indoor/outdoor lighting, etc.These retail if perfect for $76 and up each. Sold "as-is" at a blowout price. Sold in a package of 3. Please limit purchase to 1.
G20898C Originally : $56.65
Sale Special: $24.95 (Save 56%)
Spectacular Deal! 24VDC 12" long Transparent Weather Resistant Full Color RGB 18 LED Tape Light Strip
Product Image Beautiful bright LED tape light features 12" long18 RGB 5050 SMD LEDs, 3M® peel & stick mounting and high quality crystal clear parylene nano coating-completely transparent and weather resistant. Operates on 24VDC @ 65mA. Very bright and colorful. Fully dimmable using RGB controllers (not included). Brand new in sealed manufacture package. Please limit purchase to 5.
G26774 Originally : $4.99
Sale Special: $3.49 (Save 30%)
Spectacular Deal! Ultraviolet Flashlight 9 Bright 405nm LEDs
Product Image Super powerful UV flashlight causes scorpions to glow green, Uranium glass to glow brightly, UV inks to glow, certain minerals to glow, and it's also great to check for auto AC or radiator fluid leaks. Size about 3.5" long x 1" dia. Operates on 3AAA batteries (not included). Has wrist strap and aluminum body. Brand new in attractive blister package! Please limit purchase to 2.
G26174 Originally : $7.95
Sale Special: $3.95 (Save 50%)
Spectacular Deal! Laird EMI Slotted Beryllium Copper Shielding Strips 0097-095
Product Image Laird 97-957-02 is a beryllium copper low compression adhesive mounted shielding strip. Designed as a continuous 15" long band of slotted spring contact shield throughout the length. It is about 0.38" wide x 0.11" tall (at peak of arc). Very flexible and are made to mount firmly with peel and stick bottom surface. New - Retails for $15 a strip. Sold in one 15" strip coiled up. Please limit purchase to 4.
G25937 Originally : $6.95
Sale Special: $2.95 (Save 58%)
Spectacular Deal! (Pkg 2) SP40-S Tiny Ultrasonic Sensor
Product Image Tiny 40KHz ceramic ultrasonic sensor is only 0.38" dia. x 0.26" thick. Great for making ultrasonic sniffers, bat detectors, motion detectors, etc. Sorry, no specs. Brand new! Sold in a package of 2. Please limit purchase to 10.
G25124 Originally : $5.00
Sale Special: $1.99 (Save 60%)
Spectacular Deal! (Pkg 3) Micron MT45W2MW16PGA-70IT PSRAM (Memory)
Product Image Micron MT45W2MW16PGA-70IT PSRAM (Page) is a 32M (2M x 16) 70nS speed parallel interface type. Operates from 1.7V - 1.95V. Supplied in 48-VFBGA package. Brand new - Sold in a package of 3. Retails for over $20 for 3. Please limit purchase to 10.
G25407 Originally : $10.00
Sale Special: $1.49 (Save 85%)
Spectacular Deal! Large Super Powerful Rare Earth Cylinder Magnet
Product Image Rare Earth cylinder magnet is extremely powerful. The size is 0.705" tall x 0.61" dia. Has oval hole in middle of cylinder which is about 0.39" x 0.26" (which goes through the entire length) to allow you to mount the cylinder to another surface using a bolt (not included). Brand new. If you order more than one be careful not to hurt your finders when the magnets get near each other. Related ItemsLenz?s Law - Physics Please limit purchase to 8.
G26280 Originally : $2.99
Sale Special: $1.49 (Save 50%)
NEW! (Pkg 4) Miniature Low Voltage Grain of Wheat Incandescent Bulb
Product Image Miniature grain of wheat incandescent bulb operates on 1.5V @ 0.3 Amp (0.45 watts) and provides a nice warm white light. Size is 0.12" dia. x 0.35" tall (excluding 0.2" long leads). Brand new. Sold in a package of 4. YouTube Product Video
G26899 Unit Price : $1.99 for a Package of 4
NEW! (Pkg 10) Rohm PN3563 RF NPN Transistor
Product Image Rohm PN3563 RF NPN Transistor in TO-92 case is rated 15V 50mA 1.5 GHz and 350mW. Sold in a package of 10.
G26898 Unit Price : $1.99 for a package of 10
NEW! Nichicon 1.5uf 250V Polyester Metallized Axial Capacitor
Product Image Nichicon Polyester Metallized Axial Capacitor is rated 1.5uf @ 250V. Size only 1.1" x 0.53" x 0.21" thick. Has long axial leads. New!
G26903 Unit Price : $1.79
NEW! (Pkg 4) 2N3903 Low Gain 40V 200mA NPN TO-92 Transistor
Product Image Popular 2N3903 NPN TO-92 transistor is lower in gain and is used in many DIY fuzz circuits. Rated 40V 200mA 625mW. Sold in a package of 4.
G26902 Unit Price : $1.99 for a Package of 4
NEW! Motorola VN0300L TMOS FET
Product Image Motorola VN0300L TMOS FET is a TO-92 60V 200mA N-Channel enhancement mode FET rated 350mW. Original Motorola Part - New!
G26900 Unit Price : $1.49
NEW! (Pkg 6) Military Corrosion Resistant Internal Teeth Lockwasher for 1/4" MS35333-74
Product Image Lockwasher made for military fits 1/4" bolts and has internal teeth. Made of corrosion-resistant steel. Outside diameter 0.47", inside diameter about 0.26" and thickness 0.05". Part # MS35333-74. Sold in a package of 6.
G26901 Unit Price : $1.79 for a Package of 6
NEW! Stylish Leather Watchband for Most 38-44mm Apple Watches (Series 1 thru 8)
Product Image Brand new stylish leather watchband for most apple watches (Series 1 thru 8) size 38 to 44 mm (Standard size). This band is comfortable and easy to install. Fully adjustable for your wrist size. YouTube Product Video
G26897 Unit Price : $2.95
NEW! (Set of 3) Sport Band for All 38mm - 40mm Apple Watches (Series1 thru Series 8)
Product Image Brand new set of 3 different color sport bands for most apple watches (Series 1 thru 8) sizes 38 mm-40 mm (Standard size). These are brand new and you get the 3 colors shown. Each is adjustable for your size wrist. YouTube Product Video
G26895 Unit Price : $8.95 for a Set of 3
ShamrockNEW! (Pkg 5) Motorola 2N6517 NPN 350V 500mA 625mw
Product Image Motorola 2N6517 is a TO-92 high voltage transistor rated 350V 500mA and 625mW. Sold in a package of 5.
G26906 Unit Price : $1.79
ShamrockNEW! (Pkg 10) MPSA70 PNP TO-92 40V 100mA Transistor
Product Image Plastic TO-92 case PNP transistor type MPSA70 is rated 40V 100mA 625mW. Sold in a package of 10.
G26904 Unit Price : $1.99
ShamrockNEW! Common Mode 10mH Power Line Choke
Product Image Common Mode Power Line Choke is rated a minimum inductance of 10 millihenries (mH) and is 1.18" long x 0.8" x 1.26" tall (excluding leads).
G26905 Unit Price : $1.99
ShamrockNEW! Countersunk Phillips Head 9" long 8-32 Bolt
Product Image Countersunk Phillips head 9" long 8-32 bolt is partially threaded as shown. Made of zinc plated steel, this bolt is hard to find and is commonly found in larger pool pump motors. New.
G26893 Unit Price : $2.49

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